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CTEP Agreements

CTEP Agreements

  • As social justice educators, it is our responsibility to engage each other and our communities in critical dialog and action around the inequity of our urban schools.
  • We recognize that our unjust educational system results from the historical legacies of political and economic exploitation of people of color, immigrant, indigenous, and poor communities around the world. Unequal access to quality education allows the rich and powerful to continue to profit greatly at the expense of historically marginalized groups.
  • The only way to truly increase educational opportunity for all is to address the economic, social, and political roots of the problem. This means working with our communities to challenge harmful factors such as educational bureaucracy and the privatization of schools, while collectively analyzing how these processes connect to global systems of inequity.
  • Our vision of quality education includes increased local control – in which students, families, teachers, and working people have a a profound influence on their schools.
  • As social justice educators, we cannot separate teaching and organizing; both are necessary for healthier and more empowered communities. We support the growth of coalitions among community and educational organizations to connect on multiple issues, such as the prison-industrial complex and criminalization of immigrants.
  • Our vision of pedagogy is to challenge the intersections of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism, ageism and classism – embracing difference and challenging conformity. We oppose “teacher proof” curricula that de-personalize education and suppress innovation.
  • Our vision of political-economic change is of an equitable distribution of resources throughout society and around the world. We are in solidarity with our brothers and sisters across the globe challenging neo-liberal grabs for power such as the movement for the charterization of our public schools in LAUSD.
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